Vocational Guidance and Counselling 

1)According to the National Vocational Guidance Bureau,” vocational guidance is assistance given to an individual to choose the occupation, prepare for it, enter upon it and progress in it.”

2)Earning money after education is one of the main aims of education.

3)Nowadays, due to advancement in a vast field there are so many opportunities in the world, so guiding the student for that is also very important.

4) Vocational guidance can be defined as the process of assisting individuals to choose an occupation as per their interest, educational background, future perspective, etc.

5)Vocational guidance is basically provided to make a better career in future and optimum growth of an individual.

Aims and objectives of vocational guidance

a)Providing assistance to individuals to discover opportunities as per their skills, education background, interests and growth.

b)Assisting the individual to know opportunities and how to prepare for it, in their field of area.

c)Helping individuals to know about educational institutes that are providing vocational courses and training.

Vocational Guidance at  the elementary level/stage

1)There is no guidance programmes are needed at this level but we can teach the students about the following skills:

a)Respect and Appreciation for all works.

b)Trained to perform some activities physically.

c)Learn Cooperative and interpersonal skills.

Vocational Guidance At Secondary Level/stage

1)This is one of the most important stages to select the vocational courses or students at this stage can start working.

2)Providing guidance at this stage is very important so that they can choose the best career for them as per their interests.

Vocational Guidance At higher Level

At this level students already have learned about the courses so at this stage it is important to guide them for better career opportunities, growth opportunities, training facilities, professional training, etc.