Ethics of Guidance and Counselling 


a)Confidentiality is an important ethical principle in counseling.

b) the ethical code guides us in how to respond. The American Counselling Association’s code used to waive confidentiality in the case of “clear and imminent danger” to someone. 


There might discover a mutual attraction between a candidate and a counsellor. School counsellors should be mindful of relationships that could compromise their objectivity and impair their ability to serve students fairly such as counseling children of close friends or romantic partners.


Autonomy is a basic moral principle in Counselling. People are entitled to make their own decisions and act on them, and counselors shouldn’t try to take that away. In specific cases, we may have to balance respect for individual choice with other factors, as when student isn’t capable of  her decisions could cause serious problems for herself or others. 


Having an ethical code also guides one as a career professional interacting with students. The ACA states that before any individual agrees to become your client, she should be able to learn exactly what services, techniques and Counselling procedures a counsellor employ and what sort of payment arrangements he/she expect. Following a code of ethics means acting honestly as a business person, as well as a counsellor.