Effects of Culture On Guidance and Counselling

1)For counseling to be successful, it has to align with our beliefs and values. If a counsellor does or says something that the client feels inappropriate or disrespectful, it can damage the therapeutic relationship.

2)No one should have to disregard or abandon their culture during a Counselling session.

3)Cultural understanding and sensitivity helps clients feel more comfortable.

Significance of culture

a)Our cultural background shapes our sense of identity, our life experiences, and our beliefs. b)People may feel more connected to particular cultures than others, but everyone has certain cultural facets that affect their lives.

c) Multicultural counsellors strive to recognize and respect these culturally diverse factors when they work with clients.

Counselling and Guidance while keeping culture in our mind

1) Culture refers to an individual’s sense of belonging to a cultural group and the part of one’s personality that is attributable to membership in that group.

2)It forms the core of the beliefs, social forms, and personality dimensions that characterize distinct cultural realities and worldview for an individual.

Culture & Context

1)Culturally based contextual factors affect the counseling process.

2)Discrimination, immigration, acculturation, violence, trauma.

3)Incongruence between traditional Counselling processes and culturally diverse clients’ mental health needs & general attitudes towards Counselling.