QuestionsWhy is guidance and counselling important?
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1)Guidance helps to understand the individual's strength, their limitations and other resources.  2)Importance for academic growth of individuals. 3)Enhance the overall development of the individual. 4) Try to solve different problems of individuals. 5)Guidance is also important for enhancing their professional skills. 6)Guidance helps individuals to learn things as per their capabilities and helps to socialise or adjust easily in different settings. 7)Help to select the career which suited the most as per their academic skills. 8)For national development. 9)Guidance is helpful for individuals and also for better family life. 10)One of the main advantages of individual counselling is that counselling helps us in self-discovery. Knowing ourselves is one of the toughest and most important things  to lead a peaceful and successful life.  11)It helps us with improving our skills. Skills like decision making, communication, etc are enhanced by taking counselling sessions. The development of personal skills is also important as it makes our personality strong.  12)Counselling fills our life with positivity. It helps us to have a positive approach towards everything, including life.  13)It helps us to see things from a very different perspective and understand others and ourselves .  14)Counselling helps us in moving towards the right path in life. It gives us guidance in life. . 15) It helps us find a direction to move on and get  a purpose in life.  16)Counselling even helps us understand if our therapy is working or not and makes us feel better.