QuestionsWhat is the use of the media?
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  • Media technologies used to spread information to a large audience are referred to as "mainstream media." The primary purpose of mass media is to disseminate numerous concepts via radio, the web, periodicals, tabloids, broadcast, films, and marketing.
  • To provide accurate and timely information
  • To act as a watchdog over those who have power
  • To entertain and inspire
  • To persuade and motivate
  • And to bring people together.
  •  We all deserve the right to freedom of expression
  •  Mass Media should be held accountable for their words, deeds, or lack thereof.
  •  Not only do they need to tell the truth, but they also need to tell it well with precision, accuracy, fairness and completeness. 
  • Journalism is under attack.  
  • In this day and age where fake news is rife, there needs to be more accountability from our journalists so that we can regain trust in them.