QuestionsWhat is Russell’s idea on education?
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Russell describes this process as a journey of personal growth. Self-improvement, however, is only attainable within and around society. Each person has a social self. Russell pushed for schooling to foster civic virtue and innovation. Russell has attempted to successfully combine individuality with socialism in this area as well.   Social advancement is necessary for personal growth, but not the other way around. "The manufacture of a productive citizen is not, on the surface, the same object as the nurturing of the individual mind," stated Russell. "The person should reflect the world," The development of a strong feeling of global citizenship will be the most important necessity in the nearish term, according to Russell. Knowledge, in his opinion, is not a goal in and of itself. It is a tool to achieve a goal.   Russell also brought up the debate between humanism and utilitarianism. He has made an effort to reach an amicable agreement in this respect. Human factors in education must be presented simply. Human aspects like history, literature, music, and the beautiful arts are just as vital as those with a practical application. Finer facets of life are developed through these disciplines.