QuestionsWhat is population education and the need and importance of population education?
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It also has an impact on international stability, sovereignty, and the wealth and advancement of societies. There seems to be an essential need for population education at all levels to reduce difficulties, including the hunger problem, unemployment shock, younger generation difficulties, ecological disaster, and educational issues.   Assumptions:
  • Our economic progress is always threatened by a population increase that is too quick.
  • The wellness and happiness of the younger generation are impacted by overcrowding.
  • The growth of the population makes it difficult to raise the average person's standard of life.
  • Sex education and family planning techniques should not be used with population education. Instead, it ought to serve as inspiration for adopting the proper perspective on family size.
  • Education of the populace shouldn't be a one-time event; rather, it should be a constant process.
  Therefore, in the current situation, public education needs to be given high attention. The difficulties with India's population need to be made known to the younger generation. They require a thorough education together with fresh perspectives on how to live well as adults.