QuestionsWhat does Historical Research mean? What are its characteristics?
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A qualitative research method is a historical research. To understand the evidence, describe the causes of incidents, and clarify how those causes have affected current events, historical research examines the significance of historical facts. Researchers mainly depend on primary historical evidence (direct reports of events, archive material—official papers, personal files, and archives of witnesses) and less commonly on secondary historical data (information from those who weren't there at the event) to make this determination.   The basic characteristics of historical data are mentioned below:
  • Researching the past means carefully examining and analyzing information concerning historical occurrences.
  • The goal is to have a better understanding of how the past has affected current events and occurrences in the future that are involved in the developmental stages.
  • It is a critical examination of prior experiences, occurrences, and their progression.
  • It entails reading textual documents; oral recordings may also be included.
  • It includes sections on administrative, historical, judicial, journalistic, autobiographical, and organizational topics.
  • It usually draws on data that is readily available and comes in the form of journals, diaries, magazines, publications, and so on.