Questionswhat does a population pyramid tell us?
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The population pyramid, a horizontal graph that shows the distribution of people by sex and age, is the most crucial tool in determining sex ratio and other demographic factors such as age. In population pyramids, males are placed on the left and females are placed on the right . Age is measured in five-year intervals. This can indicate whether there is a rising or falling dependence ratio, whether there are more men than women, or older people relative to younger people.   Objectives:
  • Population size of dependent groups
  • Death and birth rates
  • Age and gender Mortality rates
  • population size in economically productive areas
  When examining a country's phase in the demographic transition model, this is quite useful (DTM). It is the method of altering a society's demographics from one in which there are high rates of crude births and deaths and low rates of natural population growth to one in which there are low rates of crude births and deaths, a low rate of natural population growth; and a larger overall population.