QuestionsWhat are the role of some important mass media like Television, Radio and The Press?
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The role of some important mass media is discussed below:
  • Radio: is mainly used to broadcast events so far and wide places of the world. Radio is also a source of entertainment like debates, match commentary, news, music, events etc. For teaching, many debates and news are broadcasted on the radio.
  • Television: Television is becoming more and more popular today with new features, unlike radio television broadcasts various events, news, and music but with video content too. Over time it has become a more powerful tool for educational purposes also, Television plays a vital role as a means of mass media in educating the masses.
  • The Press: The entire printed matter covers The Press, like books, magazines, journals or newspapers. Reading material has vast potential it exerts a good impression on the active readers. Press not only gathers events, but they also present their views on issues. So, the readers have the opportunity to analyze the issue from many perspectives. Press also contributes to education enhancement through the topics of history, science, literature etc.