QuestionsWhat are the objectives of population growth?
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  • It is an educational program created to help students comprehend the connections between population condition, transformation, progress, and other aspects of an individual's quality of life.
  • Its primary objective is to encourage students to participate in raising the standard of living both now and in the future.
  • Because it emphasizes population problems, educational processes like inquiry and discovery are well suited to it. The issue of population education does not even come up if there are no population-related issues.
  • It is a topic that places a premium on principles, making it more amenable to the use of a value systems method of learning, which involves presenting plausible alternatives, weighing the implications of each, and empowering students to make wise decisions regarding population-related actions. Population education is therefore more delicate and requires expert treatment in cultures or countries that are multinational, multireligious, and multiracial.
  • It is multi-disciplinary and draws its information from a variety of fields, including demographics, observational studies, genetics, statistics, sociology, psychology, and economics.