QuestionsWhat are the objectives of Educational Technology?
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The major objective of Educational Technology is to study the needs of society and the community. The specific objectives of education have been described by many authors in their ways, however, the most common approaches to identifying the objectives are as under:
  • Educational Technology strives for the transmission of information.
  • Educational Technology serves as a role model.
  • Educational Technology assists the practice of specific skills.
  • Educational Technology contributes to the provision of feed back.
  • Educational Technology aims to improve the quality of teaching.
  • Educational Technology helps in meeting the challenges of mass education.
  • Educational Technology aims to evaluate the effectiveness of the classroom teaching in terms of the pupils performance or the change in behaviour.
  • Educational Technology has an objective in managing the wide educational system covering plan.
In conclusion, we can say that the whole objective of educational technology is to develop and assist the methodology of teaching for a better understanding of the learner.