QuestionsWhat are the needs of Special Education?
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First, identifying children who are unique and making certain provisions for specialists to consider them are necessary for special education. The delivery of this special education may take place in a regular classroom, a separate classroom, or a mix of the two. Before now, it was mostly limited to specific classes. However, today's general education curriculum includes a special education component for kids with exceptionalities. However, exceptional kids need special education, which consists of these three components:
  • There is a need for qualified professionals, such as educators, physiotherapists, and teachers.
  • Children with a variety of exceptionalities, including mental retardation, giftedness, deafness, blindness, orthopaedic impairment, cerebral palsy, and social and emotional issues, get specialised curricula.
  • For this aim, several amenities are also gathered, such as unique building characteristics, study materials, and equipment.