QuestionsWhat are the main characteristics of Micro-Teaching?
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 The following are the main characteristics of Micro- Teaching:
  • It is a training approach, not an instructional one. To put it another way, methods or designs are utilised to instruct teachers. to force them to learn the teaching craft.
  • In the realm of teacher education, and more especially in student teaching, it is a relatively new experiment or innovation.
  • Micro teaching is a highly customised training method that enables the imposition of a high level of control when learning a certain skill.
  • It is a downsizing and minimization of instruction.
  • It takes away the difficulties of actual instruction.
  • It provides the trainee with the necessary and sufficient information on his performance.
  • It may be done in a setting that is quite regulated.
  • It offers the chance to choose one ability at a time.