QuestionsWhat are the important objectives of the Indian education commission?
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  • Free and Mandatory Education - It is advised that children between the ages of 6 and 14 get free and mandatory education.
  • Languages: The Commission suggested that states implement a three-language approach. It aimed to encourage the use of a southern language in countries where Hindi is spoken. In states where Hindi is not spoken, it aimed to enhance Hindi, English, and a local tongue.
  • The Kothari Commission suggested encouraging both native dialects, especially English, as well as foreign languages, particularly Sanskrit.
  • The Kothari Commission advocated giving instructors attractive and sufficient working circumstances as well as the required flexibility to undertake research and disseminate their discoveries.
  • The Kothari Commission concentrated on female education, education for underprivileged groups, education for tribal people, and education for children with physical and mental disabilities in order to advance social justice.
  • The Kothari Commission advised integrating math and science into the curriculum since they are essential to any country's development.
  • The Commission suggested changes to enhance postgraduate research, instruction, funding, libraries, labs, and funding to improve education at the higher education level.