QuestionsWhat are the five factors of learning?
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Personal Advantage:  Adult learners need to be able to recognise the personal advantage of what they are studying and how it meets a need they possess. They are inclined to learn if they are studying:
  • Solves or avoids a problem for them.
  • It provides an opportunity or higher status.
  Experiences: Adult learners bring a diverse set of expertise and knowledge to each learning session. They are driven to study if the education: 
  • engages them in sharing their knowledge.
  • expands on what they already know.
  • It confirms their knowledge.
  Adult learners are self directed and require some influence of what they're understanding.  Take control of their education by making decisions regarding the content and procedure.
  • Support for their colleagues' development.
  • Must have had some independence in the educational process.
  Adult learners are engaged, pragmatic, and like to learn by doing. They learn best when: 
  • The learning has an immediate application.
  • They actively engage in the education process.
  • Before leaving a learning program, they can practice new abilities or test new information.
  Styles of Learning :  Adult learners learn in a number of methods, from handson and physical to utilizing their eyes, hearing, and/or reasoning to acquire new skills and information. They gain knowledge when:  The learning taps into a variety of learning methods that suit their tastes and activate their "multiple intelligences'; and   Various means are employed to depict the subject being learnt.