QuestionsWhat are the different types of Audio-Visual Aids?
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The audio-visual types of equipment and materials can be classified in several ways according to different approaches. Most of the visual aids can be grouped into the following categories:
  • Projected Aids and
  • Non-Projected Aids

Projected Aids with examples:

Projected aids are those that require audio-visual equipment to be presented properly. Some of the aids included in this category are slides, filmstrips, overhead projectors and motion pictures.
  • Projectors: Projectors are those types of equipment which are used for being visualized by the learners to gain useful learning experiences.
  • Filmstrips: A filmstrip is a series of related still photographs on a single roll of processed film. They may be produced in black and white or coloured and are sometimes accompanied by sound recordings which carry narration, music and sound effects.
  • Motion Pictures or Film: Recently motion pictures have received extensive use in training and information programmes. A film is a multiple method of communication, it realistically presents facts, arouses emotions and transmits attitudes. It is mostly used as a storyteller. The main aim of educational films is to evaluate and educate them according to patterns and principles set by society.
  • Overhead Projectors: It contains an area of vertical projection beside the straight horizontal path of the light available with the usual projectors. It also contains a large aperture of size. It provides for the focusing of the image on the screen by vertical movements of the projection head.
  • Slides: are very popular in teaching, they are inexpensive and can be quite easily constructed and stored, and may be used countless times.

Non-Projected Aids with examples:

Non-Projected aids are those aids that don't require the use of audiovisual equipment such as a projector, filmstrips, and screen.
  • Graphics: Graphic aid material represents a particular type of visual aid material that involves the use of graphic presentation in the form of graphs, maps, charts, diagrams, posters and cartoons etc. It is a sort of visual art that carries a symbolic abstract and generalized representation of reality, there are some important graphic aids given below.
  1. Charts
  2. Graphs
  3. Maps
  4. Diagrams
  5. Cartoons
  • 3-D Aids: Three-dimensional aids are powerful interest arousing devices that possesses the capacity of bringing into play all the five senses. Few such three-dimensional aids are named under:
  1. Models
  2. Mock-ups
  3. Specimens
  • Display Boards: as the name says all the types of boards that can be used for displaying graphics and material like pictures, charts, diagrams, and cartoons, besides all types of written, typed and printed material that can be used for the visual communication of ideas and experiences.
  1. Blackboard or Chalk board
  2. Bulletin board
  3. Flannel board
  • Audio Aids: The aids which use the sense of hearing are called audio aids. Radio, audio tape or tape recorder players are generally included in this category.