Why is Guidance Needed?

1)Guidance makes an  individual  aware of their basic personal prerequisites, abilities, assets, liabilities and potentialities.

2)It provides effective, meaningful and significant information  to students in solving their problems.

3)It is through guidance that the students  learn how to overcome their weaknesses .The role of the counsellor and a guide is to help candidates learn how to hit their target by themselves.

4)Students need Counselling and guidance services regarding the selection of a career because it  assists them in making appropriate, satisfying and interesting educational choices.

5)It helps  young people to inculcate social values and norms.

6)To assist people in living a more fulfilling life leading to an increased capacity to take rational control over living situations.

7)It enables persons to move in the constructive direction so as to achieve social integration and harmonious living.

8)It provides persons with life skills, awareness training and knowledge to enable them to attain social adequacy.