The list of Core Guidance and Counselling Courses

1) Psychology

2) Adolescent Development and Counselling

3) Adolescent Psychology and Counselling

4) Basic Education Statistics

5) Basic Methodology

6) Behaviour Modification

7) Behaviour in Organization

8)Behaviour Modification

9) Cognitive Process and Education

10) Community Counselling

11)Comparative Guidance

12) Conflict and Conflict Resolution in Work Place

13) Counselling and Management of the Aged

14)Educational Technology

15)Family Counselling

16) Fundamental of Curriculum

17)Guidance and Counselling for Special Needs

18)Guidance and Counselling in Primary Schools

19)Historical Foundation of Education

20)Industrial Relations and Counselling

21) Introduction to Culture & Psychopathology

22) Introduction to Guidance and Counselling

23) Introduction to Special Education

24) Measurement & Evaluation

25) Organization and Administration of Guidance and Counselling

26) Pastoral Counselling

27)Practicum in Guidance and Counselling

28) Principles and Method of Guidance and Counselling

29) Principles Theory and Techniques in Guidance and Counselling

30) Professional Ethics

31)Professional Ethics and Responsibility in Counselling