QuestionsWho is the founder of pre primary education in India? What is preschool education in India?
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In India, preschool is sometimes referred to as kindergarten. Friedrich Frobel coined the name "kindergarten," which translates to "children's garden," in 1837. The administration and importance of education between birth and eight years old is commonly referred to as early childhood care and education (ECCE) in the Indian setting. It consists of: 
  • Childhood enrichment programs are available through daycare centers and residences for children ages 0 to 3.
  • Programs for children ages 3-6 in early childhood education (ECE) (as seen in anganwadis, balwadis, nurseries, preschools, kindergartens, preparatory schools, etc.).
  • Early Primary Education Programs are included in the curriculum for children ages 6 to 8.