Questionswhich of the following is a characteristic of a descriptive design
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The description, uses, strategies for gathering data, and instances of descriptive research may all be used to emphasize the traits of this type of study. The following are some characteristics of descriptive research:
  • Quantitativeness:By gathering quantifiable data for the population sample's statistical analysis, descriptive research employs a quantitative research methodology. When conducting physical science research, this occurs frequently.
  • Qualitativeness: The qualitative research approach may also be used to appropriately characterize the research study. Compared to investigative or empirical analysis, descriptive research is more informative.
  • Uncontrolled variables: Researchers are unable to manipulate the parameters in descriptive study the way they can within scientific investigation.
  • The basis for further research: The outcomes of descriptive research can be dissected deeper and used in various types of investigation. It can also guide future study, such as the appropriate research design. This is due to the fact that it offers fundamental details on the study issue, which may spark further inquiries like why a certain element is the way it is.