QuestionsWhat is the sequence of products in Guilford Structure of Intellect?
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The methods listed that extract from the content categories are related to the "products" aspect:
  • Units: The capacity to recognise units within a content area is referred to as units. These could be behavioral units like facial expressions, graphical components like forms or symbolic units like words.
  • Classes: It describes the aptitude for classifying objects into appropriate groupings and grouping them into meaningful groups.
  • Relations: Understanding the connections between similar units is what relations is all about.
  • Systems: These are made up of the connections between more than two elements.
  • Transformations: The capacity to comprehend informational alterations, such as the rotations of visual figures or gags and humor in the linguistic domain.
  • Implications: Expectation is referred to as "implications." One could anticipate that some additional information would be accurate given a particular combination of facts.
Researchers can categorize all of the possible types of information using the two dimensions of content and product. People may discuss the meanings of a symbolic sequence, the connection between two consonants, or behavioral modifications like emotional alterations.