QuestionsWhat is the purpose of education for adults?
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Without adult education and adult literacy, it would be impossible to achieve the breadth and rate of economic growth and social development that we need. Hence, every program for economic and social development should prioritize an adult education and literacy component. There are several reasons why adult education is necessary, including:
  • To end lack of education: Adult education gives the vast majority of illiterate people who were unable to receive an education during their school years fresh hope. A little more than half of our population still struggles with misinformation and illiteracy. Adult education is crucial in this situation to combat knowledge and illiteracy.
  • Stop exploiting people: in India, the wealthy are becoming richer while the poor are getting poorer. Illiteracy is one of the key causes of this economic imbalance. Uneducated people are compelled to perform menial labor. They chose to reside in misery and receive poor pay. They work hard to make ends meet. For these people, adult education has been shown to be quite beneficial. They get more educated as a result of pursuing education. They learn about their responsibilities and the just compensation they deserve, which aids them in putting an end to the continued abuse of them.
  • More Parental involvement: An educated adult is considerably better equipped to raise his children. He can instruct his children in every decision since he is more informed and smart.
  • Improve life: Adult education offers the possibility to acquire and broaden knowledge, which leads to greater employment chances. A better lifestyle and greater spending power result from improved employment opportunities.
  • Women's empowerment: Previously, women were only permitted to perform domestic chores and work in the kitchen. In many groups and places in India, young girls are still kept within the home. They developed into helpless adults who relied on the male family members. Programs for adult education provide people the chance to take control of their lives and develop independence.