QuestionsCategory: QuestionsWhat is the new tobacco product snus?
Foster Lacroix asked 3 months ago
Snus is not new. It was first used in Sweden in the 19th century. Snus (pronounced "snoose") is a moist, steam cured tobacco product that comes in a loose form or in pouches, called portions. Snus is unique in that it is steam cured and not fire cured, which produces substantially fewer nitrosamines, the primary carcinogen found in smokeless tobacco. It is used by placing it under the upper lip for " extended periods of time, and there is no need to spit. The nicotine is absorbed through the gums. The "new" snus you are probably thinking of is Camel or Marlboro snus. These American versions are dry, white portions with less nicotine and more flavoring to make it more appealing to those new to snus. Please see related link