QuestionsWhat is the Difference between Individual Aim and Social Aim of Education?
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Individual aims and social aims are the most important aims of education. They are opposed to each other,   Individual Aims give importance to the development of an individual only. But here selfishness comes into an individual’s mind because at that time individual only thinks about the growth of his or her own by the means of education and neglects the society, here individual becomes more selfish towards his growth.   Criticism of Individual Aim of Education   The individual aim is not desirable because man is a social animal. Society’s interests should be protected.   Individual aim makes individual selfish. Maximum freedom may go against society. Individuality cannot develop in a vacuum; it develops in a social atmosphere. Unless society develops, individuals cannot develop. Who will recognize a society- where the individual is selfish?   Social Aim gives importance to the development of society through individual growth. Society plays an important role in this cycle and the growth of society is maximized by the efforts of individuals.   Criticism of Social Aim of Education It makes the individual only a tool of government. It reduces individuals to mere non-entity. Society ignores the legitimate needs, desires, and interests of the individual. It is against the development of the individuality of the individual.