QuestionsWhat is the difference between Guidance and Counseling with examples?
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Difference between Guidance and Counselling
  • Guidance is about giving advice and instructions to an individual on various problems like education, occupation, social life, training, etc by an experienced person.
  • Counselling is about giving professional advice to an individual based on personal and psychological related problems.
  • In guidance a person who is experienced and expert helps out an individual in decision making process for better results in future.
  • In counselling an individual talks about his/her problems to counsellor or therapist in a freeway, and counsellor or therapist helps an individual to overcome the problems by understanding the individual’s personal and social aspects.
  • Guidance helps an individual to choose the best alternative option for the problem.
  • Counselling on the other hand helps individuals to change their perspective and try to solve the problem by themself.
  • Guidance involves the external approach.
  • Counselling revolves around the internal analysis of the problem.
  • Guidance is given to a group of people as well as an individual.
  • Counselling can only be given to a single person.
  • In guidance decisions are taken by the experienced person known as counsellor.
  • In counselling, the counsellor encourages and motivates the individual to decide on his own.
  • Deals with educational and career related problems.
  • It deals with psychological and personal problems.
  • Guidance is less private and open.
  • Counselling is a private and confidential process between counsellor and client.
  • Guidance is a broader term than Counselling, Counselling is a part of the guidance.
  • counselling comes under the term Guidance and it is an important part of guidance.