QuestionsWhat is meant by the term “symposium”?
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In the lecture technique, we comprehend that each session has a single speaker. However, there are instances when a group or series of talks, brief speeches, or lectures are given by a number of people or experts on different aspects of a single subject-problem that need to be examined in different ways. It's known as a symposium. A symposium's primary goal is to disseminate in-depth knowledge and to provide attendees with thorough, all-encompassing information.   In that speakers alternate every few minutes, offering a diversity of appearances and voices along with a variety in their discussion, it can be more fascinating than the lecture method. Poor speakers can occasionally make the audience bored, strong presenters can occasionally be let down by a lack of time, and the organizers may occasionally find it challenging to arrange the time and the speakers. The topic or issues that can be acceptable for organizing a symposium in adult education at any level can be determined by you, the adult educator.