QuestionsWhat is Immanuel’s idea of education?
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Kant's ideas on education and human nature are intimately intertwined. He holds the opinion that no one is naturally bad. There are only positive things about a person, and these wonderful things can get better with knowledge. For him, education is the wellspring of all worldly goodness. To reach a person ’s capacity, all abilities and qualities must always be improved in a positive way. The essence of a person is good or evil. The only cause of its usefulness is the failure to regulate it and to steer it in accordance with the natural laws of good education. At this point, education must be used to help people reach their full potential.   According to Kant, the most significant factor contributing to awfulness is failing to guide as per a person's personality and expecting that education will send a person in a positive direction. To him, only those with knowledge could qualify as people. Kant asserts that a person may improve their own character via education and carry out their own actions while also getting the greatest attention.