QuestionsWhat is deschooling according to Illich?
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Deschooling is an educational approach that supports giving kids the opportunity to decide for themselves what they would like to study. Very precisely, it describes the transition a student makes from regular education to home learning and the duration it takes for them to get adjusted to it.   Illich developed his most well-known and important theories regarding education and schooling in Deschooling Society (1971), his best-known and most significant work. Illich "presented schools as places where consumerism and obedience to authority were paramount and genuine learning was replaced by a process of advancement through institutional hierarchies" along with the absorption of largely meaningless credentials. Illich drew on his training in history and philosophy as well as his years of experience as a teacher. Illich argued that it could be desirable to embrace a paradigm of education where information and skills are communicated through the networking of unstructured and spontaneous interactions as opposed to mandatory mass education.