QuestionsWhat is an electric method with an example?
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The electric method is a new and popular method of teaching literacy. This method uses an electronic device, such as a computer or iPad, to help children learn to read. The advantage of this method is that it can be very engaging for children. Additionally, this method can be customized to each child’s individual needs. However, the disadvantage of the electric method is that it can be expensive if you need to purchase an electronic device for your child. Some people worry about potential harm from too much screen time. In addition, there are concerns about how to manage distractions from other apps on the devices. Lastly, some people find that this approach doesn’t provide enough face-to-face interactions with other people.    One reason is that children often don't have someone sitting right next to them who can prompt them when they get stuck reading. Teachers often use guiding questions in the classroom, but students are usually not in close proximity to their teachers while using these devices at home.