QuestionsWhat is a synthetic method with an example?
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The synthetic method focuses on putting together longer words by using phonic principles and applying them in context. It uses lots of repetition and provides plenty of examples that help children learn how to read common words quickly. For example, when teaching reading patterns like ss-ee-i-n-g or rr-o-u-n-d, an entire word is spelt out from beginning to end before it is broken down again.   With the synthétique method, teachers teach children basic concepts like writing letters and identifying sounds first before moving on to reading and writing syllables. Children learn by doing. For example, instead of just telling children that cats have three vowels (a-e-i), kids would practice tracing those vowels with their fingers over the word cat. The drawback to this method is that some children might become frustrated when they are not able to get it right away or not see immediate results. Also, these activities take time, which may not always be available during school hours.