QuestionsWhat are the salient features of the Indian Education Commission 1964–66 report?
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The National Education Commission (1964–1966), also known as the Kothari Commission, was an ad hoc committee established by the Government of India with the objectives of reviewing all facets of the Indian educational system, developing a common pattern of academic achievement, and providing recommendations for rules and policies to advance education in India. Under the leadership of Daulat Singh Kothari, who was also the chairman of the University Grants Commission at the time, it was established on July 14th, 1964. The committee's mandate called for the formulation of broad principles and directives for the advancement of education from the elementary level to the highest level, as well as advice to the administration for a uniform national pattern of education in India.   Objectives:
  • The Kothari Commission was established with the following key goals in mind:
  • to offer rules and recommendations for the improvement of Indian education.
  • to identify and develop a general educational model for India
  • to investigate the Indian educational system from every angle.
  • Despite being created to examine the whole education system, the Kothari Commission was unable to examine legal and medical education, two significant fields.