QuestionsWhat are the principles of mental hygiene?
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  • Evaluation and treatment for those receiving mental health services should be given in the least disruptive manner feasible, with voluntary evaluation and therapy preferable.
  • People receiving mental health services ought to have those benefits provided with the goal of achieving the best therapeutic results, encouraging rehabilitation, and encouraging full engagement in community life.
  • The perspectives and choices of individuals receiving mental health services should be acknowledged. They should be encouraged to make or participate in any decisions regarding their evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation.
  • Decisions involving some risk about an individual's evaluation, medication, and recovery should be made available to those receiving mental health treatments.
  • It is important to uphold and support the rights, integrity, and autonomy of those receiving mental health treatment.
  • It is important to acknowledge and adapt to the specific culture and identity of Aboriginal people seeking mental health care.
  • When feasible, the strategic interests of children and young people receiving mental health services should be recognized and accepted, especially when they receive care apart from adults.