QuestionsWhat are the objectives of teaching and learning of English at the school level?
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The NCF establishes two objectives for learning English: first, fundamental competency similar to what is attained in one's native tongue; and, second, as a tool for knowledge acquisition through literacy. Languages throughout the curriculum are suggested for attaining these objectives so that the barriers between English and other Indian languages and between English and other topics are removed. The NCF advises using English in the first stages to increase children's global awareness. However, as kids grow, it's important to support them in developing higher-order linguistic abilities that cut across languages. For instance, if reading skills are improved in one language, they tend to be improved in others. Conversely, if reading skills aren't improved in one's native tongue, it can negatively impact reading in a second language. The development of multilingual speakers who utilise English and other Indian languages equally should be the goal of teaching English as a language and as a subject.