QuestionsWhat are the methods of value education?
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Through a method named "Valwing, Process," it is an effort to reduce value conflict and positively influence a uniform set of values. Discovering strategies to avoid propaganda and to encourage the use of reason in determining values is the main goal of this approach. This method involves three sub-processes: choosing, prizing, and behaving.   The value clarification places additional emphasis on four crucial components: a focus on "life," acceptance of what is, a request to reflect more, and nourishing of personal strength. These essential components are described below:  
  • Focus on Life: Focusing on real-world challenges helps students understand how their decisions represent a pyramid of values.
  • Acceptance:  Encourage the students to embrace both themselves and the world around them during the evaluation procedure. It is necessary to motivate people to be sincere with themselves.
  • An Invitation to Reflect Further: Learners should be assisted and expected to think about the principles they have adopted after embracing themselves and the circumstances as they are. For this, the instructor should encourage students to make better informed decisions and to be more conscious of their daily actions in light of their values.
  • Nourishment of Personal Power: The proponents of value explanation have the firm belief that an individual (practitioner) develops a feeling of personal orientation and fulfillment as a consequence of a continuous process of clarifying values.