QuestionsWhat are the merits of the Grammar Translation Method?
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The merits of the Grammar Translation Method are as under:
  • It saves time and is very economical.
  • It is very successful and applicable in present-day classrooms It saves time and is economical, where a large number of students can be taught by a single teacher.
  • It helps in having a better and clear understanding of words, phrases and sentences.
  • It is very reliable for giving the students practice of reading while understanding also.
  • It gives correct knowledge of English as it explains It enhances students' vocabulary.
    grammatical rules.
  • The teacher as well as the learner aid the teaching-learning process and is thus quite a convenient method for a teacher as he/she needs no material aid.
  • It brings about clear distinctions between structures of sentences in English and vernaculars and this develops the act of translation in students.
  • It helps in testing the comprehension of the students quite easily in less time available.
  • This method can be used in all situations.