QuestionsWhat are the measures of strengthening national institutions?
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The NPE of 1986 suggests strengthening important national institutions including the UGC, NCERT, NIEPA, AICTE, ICAR, and IMC in order to help them design the country's educational system and meet new needs. Each of these leading organizations will use planning and implementation to create practical connections and strengthen research and post-graduate educational programmes.   Measures:
  • Advantages for poor families to take their children to school on a regular basis until they become 14 years old.
  •  Starting in first grade, the pre-matric scholarship programme will be implemented.
  • Ongoing micro-planning and monitoring to guarantee enrollment, engagement, and integrated modules accomplishment, as well as the offering of remedial courses to increase their chances of continuing their education and finding work.
  • Hiring of educators from certain castes.
  • A phased approach for providing amenities for SC students in the dorms at district headquarters.
  • To enable the full involvement of the scheduled castes, school buildings, Balwadis, adult education institutions, and non-formal centers must be situated.
  • Making significant academic necessary facilities to the scheduled castes by using NREP and RLEGP funding.
  •  Continuous innovation in the search for fresh approaches to boost the prohibited castes' involvement in the educational process.