QuestionsWhat are the finalized objectives of teaching English at the school level?
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Thus, the objectives of teaching English at the school stage may be finalised as:
  • To understand English when spoken at conversational speed.
  • To be able to speak English fluently and correctly.
  • To read English with comprehension so that it can be used for pleasure reading as well as a library language.
  • To be able to write neat and correct English at a reasonable speed.
  • To enjoy simple poems in English and draw pleasure out of
  • To be able to know grammar to have practical command of the language.
  • To be able to do simple translations as to translate common English words, phrases and sentences into their functional equivalents in the mother tongue and vice versa.
  • To develop taste for the English language and its literature.
  • To be able to achieve these would in short mean that students will be able to use English in real-life situations without getting stuck up or having to stammer.