QuestionsWhat are the definitions of Educational Technology by different Scholars and Authors
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In 1967, the term educational technology was first used by Brynmor Jones Robert in the UK.   The following definitions suggested by different scholars are given below, to make the meaning of educational technology clear.   The National Council of Educational Technology(1971): "Educational Technology as development, application and evaluation of systems, techniques, skills and aids to improve the process of human learning." G.O.M. Leith(1969): "Educational Technology is a systematic application of scientific knowledge about teaching-learning and conditions of learning to improve the effectiveness of teaching and training." S S. Kulkarni(1986): "Educational Technology may be defined as the application of the laws as well as recent discoveries of science and technology to the process of education." Shiv K. Mitra: "Educational Technology can be conceived as a science of techniques and methods by which educational goals could be realized." Robert A Cox(1978): "Educational Technology is the application of scientific process to man's learning conditions."