QuestionsWhat are the conditions for learning?
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Andragogy is the next critical notion for all organizers of adult learning. This is the most widely used model of adult learning and motivational concepts. Malcolm Knowles has identified and compared the andragogical and pedagogical approaches. The main factors affecting adult education are:
  • Self-Concept: Andragogy presupposes that adult learners are fairly self-directed and autonomous in their methodology. As an individual evolves, his or her personality shifts from that of a dependent person to that of a self-directed human being.
  • Adult Learner Experience: As a person grows older, he or she accumulates a rising reservoir of experience, which serves as an expanding source for learning. Therefore, adult learners prefer to learn when they can integrate new material with prior knowledge and love participating in debates, research papers, field trips, and so on.
  • Readiness to Learn: As a person grows older, his or her willingness to learn becomes more focused on the maturation demands of his or her social duties. There is an inherent requirement to discover gaps between current innovation and advanced information in order to appropriately fulfill societal duties.