QuestionsWhat are the characteristics of culture?
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The basic characteristics of culture are:
1. All the acquired qualities are summed up as culture.
2. Culture is acquired, shared, symbolically based, integrated, and dynamic.
3. Culture evolves at a rapid pace.
4. Culture is transmissive in the sense that it is passed on from generation to generation via
communication and interaction.
5. Culture is idealistic because it embodies a group's beliefs and traditions.
6. Culture is built up through time.
7. Culture is flexible.
8. Culture is all-pervasive because it affects all aspects of existence.
9. Culture is a result of human behaviour.
10. With the passage of time, culture evolves and develops.
11. Culture is a nebulous concept. It is the common patterns of behavior and thinking that
exist in the brains or habits of society's members.
12. Cultural features and patterns are passed down through the generations.
13. Culture is evolving rather than being stationary.