Questionswhat are the broad objectives of national family planning programme?
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  • Knowledge about family planning, education, and programs for women to promote healthy childbearing.
  • instruction on how to deliver a baby safely, care for the mother and child thereafter, and how to treat women before they get pregnant.
  • vaccination against avoidable infections in newborn health care.
  • Preventing and treating infections of the reproductive system
  The main goals of the Family Welfare Program are population stabilization and high-quality health care, particularly immunization of both expectant mothers and their unborn children. The State has been implementing the Family Welfare Program for the past 48 years with financial support from the federal government.   The family planning programme now has a much wider perspective in a comprehensive approach to adolescent sexual and reproductive development and is not just aimed at population stability. A complete health care program includes therapies, family planning, immunizations, counseling, etc. Family welfare programmes are administered in accordance with Government of India funds, rules, and regulations.