QuestionsWhat are the advantages of Historical Research?
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  • The issue being studied is not practically a part of the research;
  • There is no chance for subject-experimenter contact;
  • The investigator locates records, gathers information, and draws conclusions subconsciously.
  • Shiflett pointed out that “the historical method is much more synthetic and eclectic in its approach than other research methods, using concepts and conclusions from many other disciplines to explore the historical record and to test the conclusions arrived at by other methodologies''. “Many methods, used alone or in conjunction with other supporting techniques of data collection and analysis, can adequately demonstrate that some particular situation or relationship between variables exists in the present. But the persistence and permanence of these conclusions will always be questionable without historical verification."
  • The participants in the study do not have interaction with the investigators.
  • Historical research methodology may be used to explain present and upcoming occurrences.