QuestionsWhat are the advantages and disadvantages of discussion?
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  • It is an intentional and methodical action that makes use of community knowledge;
  • In contrast to the participants' passive acceptance, it stimulates thinking:
  • It enables the group to share experiences and pool ideas:
  • Individuals' attitudes and the modification of viewpoints result from its participants' objectives and principles:
  • Compared to a lecture, it keeps the attendees' attention longer:
  • Participants can test out their concepts and viewpoints; they can go from a situation to a resolution or comprehension;
  • There is sufficient room for the group members to contribute positively to the conversation:
  • The group members are given the chance to define and analyze the issue, assess potential solutions, and try to come to a consensus.
  • Discussions cannot lead to useful conclusions when fundamental understanding of fundamental concepts is absent. Then, instead of a pool of wisdom, there is a pool of ignorance:
  • Effective involvement is impossible when the group is too big:
  • Group discussions can't be very helpful if the topic under discussion is a non-controversial one on which most participants concur.