Questionswhat are main characteristics of motivation?
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The three most important aspects of motivation are intensity, persistence, and activation.  Intensity: It is seen in the focus and zeal with which a goal is pursued.  One student may simply cruise through class while another diligently studies, participates in debates, and makes use of chances for extracurricular investigation. The second student follows their academic objectives with greater intensity than the first, who lacks it. Persistence: It is the continuing pursuit of a purpose in the face of potential impediments. Even though it necessitates a major time, effort, and resource commitment, continuing your education in psychology in terms of achieving a degree is an instance of perseverance. Activation: It requires making the choice to start an activity, like signing up for a psychology class.   Features:
  • Motivation is an individual, inside sensation.
  • Motivation stems from a necessity.
  • Continuous motivation is a process.
  • Positive or negative motivation is possible.
  • The process of motivation is organized.
  • Professional happiness and motivation are two separate things.