QuestionsHow do you use adult learning principles?
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To comprehend the nature of adult learning, we must first recollect the principles of adult learning. In this framework, we will now provide Knowles' list of basic adult learning concepts (1978).
  • Adults are encouraged to learn because they have demands and passions that learning may meet. Hence, they are the best starting points for designing adult educational activities. Adults, for example, will often undertake formal schooling only if it is relevant, valuable, or satisfying.
  • Because an adult's learning orientation is existence, the proper units for organizing adult learning are life circumstances rather than topics. Because experience is the most vital commodity for adult learning, the study of encounters is the primary technique of adult education.
  • Adults have a strong desire to lead their own lives. Thus, the goal of the adult educator is to participate in a process of mutual investigation with them, rather than simply impart information to them and then assess their compliance with it. Adults want instructors who will challenge and inspire them. Individual variations among people appear to increase; consequently, adult education must account for variances in student learning, time, location, and speed.