QuestionsHow do you develop a sense of urgency in your studies?
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  • Make sure your learners understand why what they're doing is important. Why does it matter that they complete this task or learn this concept?
  • Help them see how their learning will benefit them in the short- and long-term. What will they be able to do once they've mastered the material?
  • Set realistic goals for them to strive for, and break down the steps needed to achieve those goals so they can see their progress along the way. 
  • Schedule periodic check-ins with them to review where they are and where they need to go next. 
  • Let them know you believe in them--and give examples of how others have succeeded at something similar! 
  • Give them praise for trying new things and tackling challenges head on, even if they don't always succeed on the first try.
  • Acknowledge them as a person and not just a learner: ask about their lives outside of work or school, talk about common interests; invite them to get involved in other aspects of your organization's work besides teaching  (if appropriate) (volunteering, fundraising), offer flexibility in work schedules so they can better balance work with family obligations or other commitments outside of work.