QuestionsHow did you motivate an adult’s learning?
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  • Show them something they want:
Most adults are driven by results. They want to know what's in it for them. So, when you're trying to motivate an adult learner, it's important to show them how what they're learning can help them achieve their goals. How does the course content apply to the real world? How will it make a difference in their careers or personal lives? Remember, adults don't like learning for the sake of learning. They need a reason why. Show them a way that learning this new skill will be personally beneficial. Make sure your arguments are well-reasoned and supported with statistics and facts. For example, say that improving their time management skills is going to allow them to spend more time with their family (or on other activities). The point is that if you can show the adult learner how the course content is going to help them achieve something they care about, then they'll be much more motivated than if all you say is "here's your homework."   Make them feel special and in control: Adults like to feel special and in control. When you make them feel like they are a valuable part of the learning process, they will be more likely to engage and be motivated. Here are some ways to make your adult learners feel special and in control - Ask for their input before teaching something new. - Encourage them to set goals and deadlines for themselves. - Give them clear guidelines on what they need to do in order to succeed. - Let them know that their opinion matters - Engage them with hands-on activities - Provide opportunities for them to share their successes with others.