QuestionsExample of moral maturity?
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recognizes the dignity of all people, including:
  • respect for each person's dignity and rights.
  • Refraining from lying and being dishonest.
  • Fostering interhuman equality.
  • Honoring the right to conscience.
  • Interacting with those who hold diverse viewpoints.
  • Avoiding discriminatory behavior
  They recognize the interconnectedness of others, which is a sign that they are concerned for their well-being:
  • supporting one's nation.
  • Aiming for social fairness.
  • Finding satisfaction in aiding others.
  • assisting others in developing moral responsibility.
It incorporates societal obligations with personal interests, such as: participating in local activities.
  • Contributing fairly to civic duty.
  • Demonstrating self-control and other-regarding moral qualities.
  • In everyday life, show diligence, justice, politeness, honesty, and civility.
  • Meeting obligations, and.
  • Increasing one's sense of self through interpersonal connections.
  Demonstrates integrity, including:
  • Integrity is demonstrated by, among other things, exercising diligence.
  • Standing up for moral standards.
  • Showing moral fortitude.
  • Understanding when to negotiate and when to confront.
  • Taking ownership of one's decisions.
  reflects on moral choices:
  • Recognising the moral dilemmas present in a circumstance.
  • Applying moral standards (like the golden rule) while determining moral decisions
  • Decisions. Considering the effects of choices and being educated on significant moral issues in society and the wider world.
  Peaceful resolution of conflict:
  • seeking a just settlement of interpersonal and societal disputes.
  • Refraining from verbal and physical abuse.
  • Being attentive to other people.
  • Encouraging communication among others.
  • Toiling for world peace.