QuestionsDifference between Counselling and Psychotherapy?
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  • Counselling is a short-term process.
  • In this process, the counsellor supports the counselee and encourages for day to day activity.
  • The issue is discussed in low depth.
  • In counselling, the counselee is fit enough to think rationally and find solutions to their problems by themselves.
  • For Example, An individual who recently lost his/her precious in an accident and the individual feels depressed or alienated from the society and family. so he/she takes counselling and finds a way to lead a normal life with the help of the counsellor.
  • In counselling, the shared information should be limited.
  • Psychotherapy is a long-term process.
  • In this process, the counsellor uncovers the foundation of the problem and addresses it most suitably or efficiently.
  • Here the issue is discussed in full depth.
  • In psychotherapy, the counselee is dependent upon the counsellor or psychotherapist and gives control over their mind.
  • In psychotherapy, an individual lost his/her appetite to live or think, everything in his/her life feels like a hurdle that he/she will never overcome by themselves. This is a long process it takes a longer time according to Counselling.
  • In psychotherapy, everything in detail from childhood to the present has been shared for a better understanding of the problem.